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Despite brainstorming being a very common concept in academia and the corporate world alike, it certainly doesn’t mean we’ve mastered it. Certainly, some of us cringe when we’re invited to a brainstorming session, while others put their game face on and sharpen their pencils with enthusiasm. These contrasting reactions aren’t surprising. Over the decades of my multifaceted career, I’ve been involved in hundreds if not thousands of brainstorming sessions and here’s something that I can most definitely attest to… most brainstorms are not structured or led in a way that leads to effective results.

In fact, several of the rules for brainstorming, originally established by Alex Osborn, have been challenged and studies by researchers.

So… is brainstorming effective?

If you’re reading this, you certainly already believe that there must be actionable methods for effective brainstorming. You’re right!

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Module One: Purpose and setting the objective
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