Impactful Conversations: Learning to Give & Receive Feedback® Classic Edition

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When you complete one of our Leadership Development Programs in person or through our E-Learning Platform you can download a Certificate of Completion that is accepted as part of developing your leadership competencies in your professional area and a receipt will allow you to get a tax credit reimbursement.

Program Purpose

The intent of the program is to provide you with the know-how and skills to give feedback in a manner that optimizes ownership in the individual’s own personal and professional development, as well as being able to receive and work with the feedback you receive from others. You will learn an effective way to give your feedback regarding behavioral habits and attitude using an approach that engages the person in the conversation with you. The approach learned can be applied in the moment as well as in a performance appraisal context.

Program Expectations

  • Recognize how to bring your best forward in your personal performance review conversation by acknowledging your blind spots and committing to change
  • Leverage a collaborative mindset as you help your direct reports turn your feedback into concrete actions
  • Communicate your feedback with clarity to your direct reports and to your manager
  • Take ownership of your professional development by working with the feedback you receive from your manager

Program Navigation

Below, you will find the program navigation divided into an Introduction and Four Modules. Each Module ends in a short evaluation to determine your knowledge retention. You must Pass the evaluation before you can continue into the following module. Start the program by clicking on the first lesson, then advance by clicking on the “Mark Complete” button.

Once all the lessons are complete, the course is complete and your certificate of completion will be generated and ready to download from the course page.

Satisfaction Survey

When you complete the course, please take a few minutes to fill the satisfaction survey (the last lesson of the course).

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