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Welcome to Papillon MDC Inc. e-Learning Portal. Papillon MDC Inc. aims to make all leaders capable of achieving their full potential by giving them the knowledge and skills they require for their journey. We offer a number of research and experiential-based e-learning programs that are unique in approach and purpose.


Papillon MDC sees laughter as an important element  in the learning process. The coming together with JungleTie brings our leadership programs to life in a magical and memorable way. Go ahead and immerse yourself in learning with laughter!


Ownership of Learning back in your Hands:

We believe that all leaders would rather own their development than have someone manage this for them. Moreover, some of our e-learning programs aim to make leaders responsible for developing the ability in others to bring the very best they have to offer. We do this by showing leaders how to facilitate their own business-related, team-based workshops.  Hence, some of our e-learning programs are structured to walk you through the content, show you examples of how to facilitate the content, and demonstrate a step-by-step approach in organizing your own workshop.

 One-stop approach:

Our multi-disciplinary approach to structuring your learning has you learning at your own pace, at your own time, and in your own choice of location. You control the speed at which learning takes place. And, we  support you every step of the way with easy to understand content, and templates for you and your  team to use  to enrich your learning.  For some programs where you are shown how to facilitate the learning session, you are also provided with the complete PowerPoint Slide deck for your workshop.

Once you have completed such a program, you can select to speak to a professional who can guide you in your implementation strategy, offer mentoring on how to best facilitate your workshop, as well as structure your follow-ups for in-depth learning, and much more!

Target Audience

Our e-learning programs are for you if you are:

  • A leader curious to stretch your own personal development. Our definition of a leader is someone who is assigned to a role and works directly or indirectly with people in achieving corporate objectives. It does not come with a title
  • A student preparing to enter the world of work
  • An academic professor interested in learning new content to enrich your own courses in the area of business psychology, leadership, and management
  • A Business Leader responsible for a team and interested in conducting your own workshops to align everyone to move in one direction
  • An HR professional responsible for supporting business leaders in achieving their goals
  • A Training and Learning professional interested in learning new content and implementing in-house workshops
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