Becoming an Effective Mentor: Learn how to Optimize Potential®

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When you complete one of our Leadership Development Programs in person or through our E-Learning Platform you can download a Certificate of Completion that is accepted as part of developing your leadership competencies in your professional area and a receipt will allow you to get a tax credit reimbursement.




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Purchasing this product enrolls you in both the Classic and Special Edition of the course

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Program Purpose

The intent of the program is to support you in developing four (4) key competencies associated with effective mentorship. This is Level I of the “Becoming an Effective Mentor” training program. In Level 2, we explore these capabilities in depth and consider their impact across different scenarios.

Program Expectations

  • Learn what differentiates mentoring from coaching and managing.
  • Recognize when each of these developmental strategies is most effective in the workplace
  • Explore ways to question and listen differently when managing, coaching, and mentoring in the workplace
  • Discover the four (4) competencies related to being an effective mentor

Program Navigation

Below, you will find the program navigation divided into an Introduction and Four Modules. Each Module ends in a short evaluation to determine your knowledge retention. You must Pass the evaluation before you can continue into the following module. Start the program by clicking on the first lesson, then advance by clicking on the “Mark Complete” button.

Once all the lessons are complete, the course is complete and your certificate of completion will be generated and ready to download from the course page.

Satisfaction Survey

When you complete the course, please time a few minutes to fill the satisfaction survey (the last lesson of the course).

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