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The Courage to Fall Into Life: The Tao of Purposeful Existence


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Some remain paralyzed by their hardships, others flounder along while waiting for inspiration, and many more are mired in logical processes and mind games that never seem to satisfy the hunger for a fuller, more meaningful life. Getting out of these traps calls for a different kind of courage. In a modern culture that seems to be in denial over the value of failure, most people will never deliberately take the risk. Through her own story of personal tragedy, Mirella De Civita takes us through a remarkable transformation from being a devoted research psychologist and business consultant to shedding her Teflon skin and finding her true calling as a successful Executive Coach, helping leaders transform and take flight in their lives and career. Triggered by an innocent question from her own 3 year old daughter, De Civita pushed the boundaries of her own suffering and discovered how to pay fierce attention to life. With a keen professional interpretation, she blends academics and the great spiritual teachings to arrive at 5 simple truths that will astound and inspire. Those finding themselves on the verge of making a major career change will find the creative energy and the emotional power of this book is all that they need to find the courage to awaken to all that life can be.

21 reviews for The Courage to Fall Into Life: The Tao of Purposeful Existence

  1. Amazon customer

    The book empowered me to find solutions to my own weaknesses within my soul.

  2. M.P.

    Although our paths are different, I felt a connection to Dr. De Civita’s story and in understanding her journey, understood myself better in the process. The narrative of the book made me reflect on what makes me the person I am and what will push me forward in life. Thank you for this perspective.

  3. Jagger

    Excellent book that will change your life!
    This book has changed my life. Through Mirella’s struggles, tragedies and successes outlined in her book, I could see a reflection of myself. Actually, I can say that after reading her wonderful book, my life took a change for the better! I was going through a major depression, and this book immediately made me focus on my goals and I was able to take her way of looking at life into my own. Because of that, I have been successful in all of my goals that I wanted to achieve personally and professionally. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone trying to get a better grasp and clarity on their personal and professional life.

  4. Jean-François

    A great book!
    Well, that’s one fine book! So good it took me years to finally get to write a review about it – I was too busy reading it again and immersing myself in all the powerful learnings it provides. Do yourself a favor: buy this book! Cheers!

  5. Marie-Claude Lapalme

    This book has it all, short but incredibly rich. The author does a fabulous job at articulating her insights while sharing her life journey, and everyone will relate to one piece or another of that story. The book provides some real insights into the obstacles we face in life – in whatever area of our life – and some of the possible paths to transcend them and thrive. What also makes it a joy to read is the quality of the writing.

  6. Lorrie Quigg

    A must read
    A must read for all professional coaches and their clients. This inspiring book puts forth a compelling case that encourages the practice of self-reflection and self-awareness, all based on basic coaching fundamentals. It is scripted in such a way that the reader will feel that he or she is sitting at the kitchen table with a best friend immersed in rich dialogue. Discovering the book enabled me to discover a new and enriching mantra for my life.

  7. Dr. Rima Azar

    “The Courage to Fall Into Life”, what a clever title for such a great book! This is a book I highly recommend to everyone, to all of us. In this book, Dr. De Civita shares with us her own life journey, oscillating in a moving, elegant, and very clever way between her personal human story to the scholar analytical and yet accessible views of life. The originality of this book is refreshing: every chapter starts with a fascinating comment or a question from the author’s daughter. From chapter to chapter, we look forward to reading the author’s reflections that are triggered by her little girl’s innocent and yet amazingly deep questions. While reading this book, I shed tears, I smiled, I even laughed. Readers of this book can expect to share the intimacy of the author in such a genuine and pure way. We cannot help not to be inspired and even transformed after reading Dr. De Civita’s book! Thank you for this *masterpiece* of authentic, brilliant, and deeply moving book of and about courage!

  8. Cécile

    I read Mirella’s book in a few days. I entered into her consciousness step by step, like a Vipassana meditation. The lines were guiding my senses and my spirit to the core of this book : the path of consciousness. I’m a hatha yoga teacher and I definitely felt the practise of yogis rules Yamas and Niyamas, especially Satyam (reveal the truth, no lies) and Santosha (equanimity, accept what it is) into this intimate and simple way of telling that courage is coming from the heart to live the life we have here and now. Unconditional love is the courage that Mirella showed in writing such a deep book. Bravo and thank you so much for sharing your mindful consciousness with people every day.

  9. Pierre Bourgeois

    Plus que du courage – une leçon de vie
    Ma fille, qui m’est très chère, m’a offert ce livre que j’ai dévoré d’un trait.
    L’expérience vécue par l’auteure Mirella De Civita est fascinante et sa divulgation peut très bien servir de stimulant et d’encouragement à quiconque est à la recherche de vérités lors de passages difficiles ou de transitions dans la vie.
    De formation psychologique, Mirella possède un talent certain pour la compréhension humaine. Dans son livre, elle nous démontre, qu’appliquées à elle-même, ses connaissances et sa réflexion profonde lui ont été très avantageuses. Son approche, tant philosophique que psychologique, nous surprend et nous inspire.
    Son écriture précise, limpide et empreinte d’enseignement spirituel nous invite à nous questionner nous-mêmes sur notre propre conception de la vie et notre façon de l’aborder. Texte enrichissant qui met en évidence l’inutilité du contrôle absolu et qui apporte une lueur d’espoir à ceux qui savent ‘être’ et laisser être.
    Je souhaite le meilleur succès à madame De Civita et j’espère que son livre saura trouver une traduction dans d’autres langues afin que toute personne qui ignore la langue de Shakespeare puisse en bénéficier. Bravo!

  10. Corina T. (NJ, USA)

    An Eye Opener and My Go-to for Motivation
    This is one of the most inspirational books I have read. The author is opening up to her readers in such a candid way. She lets us look into her soul through a magnifying glass. She lets us discover her struggles, doubts and challenges only to create a safety net for us to fall and come to terms with our own fears. By looking into her life we cannot but experience emotion, in its purest state.
    Dr. De Civita’s writing is remarkable. Every word is carefully crafted to expose a feeling, lesson or thought meant to inspire us to look deeper into our own selves. Her background as a psychologist is evident by her crafty language and truly insightful wisdom. I highly recommend this book to all those who have lost hope and need the courage, motivation and inspiration to make a change. You will not regret it.

  11. RDP_PM

    Great read

    A quick and easy read with a very important message. The key insight I attained from reading about Ms. Decivita’s experiences is that no matter what circumstances life has in store for an individual or no matter what path the individual chooses to go down and the paths may change, the ability and desire to continue to push oneself will lead to the acceptance that one is truly happy with the privilege to be on this journey. This is truly an inspirational message we can all apply personally.

  12. Lucie

    Transformational! Truly worth every page!
    This is one of the best books I have ever read… It truly is transformational. Not only does the author reach into her own personal experience of transformation but she finds ways to help us translate this into our own lives, which I have rarely seen authors do as eloquently.
    She also gives us practical and concrete lessons which we can truly be inspired by and use to apply in our own lives.
    Inspirational, transformational and a page turner!

  13. S.N.

    Really worth it!
    I really enjoyed reading this book, very inspirational. I would highly recommend it to anyone going through any phase which may require reinventing yourself. Look forward reading more from this new author.

  14. M.D.

    Thank you, Dr. De Civita! Thank you for the courage to share your journey in such an honest and fascinating way! This book is so surprising and so alive! It took me by the hand and while I was witnessing Dr. De Civita’s experiences it helped me discover so much about myself. It guided me through places I had not explored before and made me ask myself questions I had not asked. I feel like I am better equipped now for the moments of doubt or fear. I am also inspired and ready to take flight. Reading the book for the first time was really mind-opening. And I feel that the next time I open it, I will make new amazing discoveries.

  15. Michèle

    A personal conversation
    This review is from: The Courage to Fall into Life: The Tao of Purposeful Existence (Paperback)
    This is an intimate conversation between a woman who is willing to share a personal and in-depth journey into her life.
    This book is inspirational and offers guidance not as a self-help book or an “how to” book but as a gift.
    In reading those lines I feel a close relationship to Mirella. Her story reminds me of my own soul searching quest to connect with my inner self through pain, uncertainty and desire to live my life to the fullest.
    I am also grateful to the presence of her daughter Sarah Nicole and her direct connection to life’s essence and loving intuition.
    Read it, keep it, give it to someone you love, celebrate your own journey into your life and be grateful for it!!!

  16. Nicky (Sidney, Australia)

    Praise for Dr. De Civita’s Courageous Journey
    Dr. De Civita’s insightful and honest sharing of a big chapter in her life story is deeply moving and inspirational. A must read for anyone who is curious about their own psychology and willing to reflect on painful truths in order to truly embrace authenticity.

  17. J.G.

    Se transformer et prendre son envol!
    La devise de Mirella est de se Transformer et prendre son envol! Avec ce livre, plusieurs personnes seront définitivement en mesure de trouver un sens à leur vie respective et enfin se transformer à leur tour. J’ai lu son livre en quelques jours à peine et je dois dire que j’ai été très émue par sa bonté, son courage et sa force. Un livre très inspirant que je n’hésite pas à recommander à tout le monde. Les leçons apprises sont des leçons qui s’appliquent à la vie de tous les jours… Ne reste qu’à les mettre en pratique. Bonne lecture!

  18. Kim L. Miles (Denver, Colorado)

    A book for deeper connection to self
    I recently read the book and found it to be a journey through Mirella’s experience and insights that directly corresponded to experiences of my own. Not because they were the exact same but because she wrote of the human response to such experiences as success, loss, confusion, failure and the ultimate gift of loving self and others unconditionally.
    The Courage to Fall Into Life is a must read for those who want to connect to themselves more deeply. It is for those who are stretching and growing toward their calling, toward life success, toward something bigger…toward love.

  19. Jamie

    Very moving
    In her moving book, Dr.De Civita demonstrates the courage to expose her own struggles and insecurities in an effort to help others find their “true selves” and reach their full potential. The Courage to Fall Into Life will be a valuable read for those who understand, and those who want to understand, what it means to get out of one’s own way and find more by seeking less.

  20. ClaSyl (Montreal, Quebec)

    A Book That Will Touch Your Heart and Give You Courage
    The Courage to Fall into Life: The Tao of Purposeful Existence by Dr. Mirella De Civita is a book that touched my heart and that will stay in my mind for a very long time. I will use it as a personal and inspirational guide.
    With her impressive academic background and experience as a credentialed Executive Coach, Mirella shares in this book, through her personal life tragedies, the process to finding our true selves.
    Insights from her young daughter triggered this whole process. Mirella started to retrace her steps back, paying attention to her feelings in order to reprogram her mind and her way of thinking to become her true self while staying true to her own values. She is telling this in an easy to read format, with compelling family stories.
    No matter what your circumstances are, you will find those lessons she learned will apply to you somehow and will enlighten you on how to get the courage to Fall into Life too.
    If you’re about to make an important career move or want to make a significant change in your life and don’t know where to start, this book will inspire you and give you courage to take flight.

  21. John R. Seita (Cleveland, OH)

    Genuine and Wise
    This is a remarkable book containing insight, wisdom and courage. Life gives all of us lessons on a daily basis, some of us take advantage of those lessons and put them to use. The Courage to Fall into Life: The Tao of Purposeful Existence wonderfully captures the wisdom of Dr.De Civita and life lessons in a way that few have.

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